Pike hunting

When I took up underwater photography, I thought long and hard about whether to go for stills or video shooting. Having a little experience with video presentations for holidays, home movies and dive club AVs, I thought that I would prefer stills due to the length of time needed to tell a story with video.

My feeling was (and still is) that my photography is about capturing a single image to sum up a site, a dive, a person or a creature. However, video is fun. I bought a gopro 2 last season to try out various ideas but did not have much success underwater. I recently bought a proper dive housing and ordered some colour correction filters from the States.

My most recent dive was in Dosthill quarry and, after diving the housing empty to check the seals, I had a go at filming my buddies and the impressive Pike (Esox lucius). I wanted to tell a story with the film and, diving with three photo buddies (one of whom had a new camera and housing), there seemed only one story to tell….