Sample published work

Below are some places where my work has appeared in print:

  • Photo Quest Scuba Magazine from Jan 2015 (monthly column; jointly with Trevor Rees)
  • Two buddies, a compressor and a campervan Photo feature Scuba Magazine September 2015
  • Cover image Scuba Magazine September 2015
  • Cover image Scuba Magazine April 2013
  • Explore The Shore Scuba Magazine June 2012
  • Wildlife Trusts Calendar 2011
  • Wildlife Trusts Living Seas promotion
  • Western Morning Press July 2010
  • Living Seas (Wildlife Trusts) 2009
  • Marine Marvels Daily Telegraph April 2009
  • Secrets of the Sea Lochs Dive Magazine June 2008
  • Cheeky Dives Dive Magazine June 2007

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