Spain – pool

August 2011

This sample of images was from a set taken one afternoon in the pool at the villa. The girls never tired of jumping in the pool and obliged by jumping in again and again for the benefit of the camera. The girls were enjoying it so much, Niki couldn’t resist joining in!



August 2011

These images were taken during a trip to a villa near Almeria. I especially enjoyed these dives, as this was the first time Niki has dived for a number of years. To my very great pleasure, it was like getting back on a bike for her and she enjoyed the dives greatly. We used a dive centre in Villaricos, Villaricosub, who ferried us most efficiently to a series of reef sites sticking up from the sea bed. I was surprised at how much like was to be seen, and especially enjoyed the cavern dives.


Loch Goil

This image was taken of Trevor at Ardnahien during an initially unpromising dive at the narrowest point of Loch Goil, near where it joins Loch Long. The site was accessed with a farmers permission and after quite a long walk along a beach.


June 2011



Welcome to UnderSea-Images, the underwater photography blog of Charles Erb. Here I will post some of my favourite underwater images, with some comment. I think the comments are important because my best images are usually captured in great company and its nice to remember those times.

Always fascinated by the sea, I have been a scuba diver for 25 years and have been taking pictures underwater for about 10 years. I have dived in a number of worldwide locations, but my abiding love is exploring the waters around the UK coast. Being based in the Midlands does not allow my diving to be as frequent as I would like, but it does at least mean that I have access to a wide variety of locations. My favourite areas are the Devon and Cornish coasts, the Scottish sea lochs and West Wales.