A time for reflection…

The end of the year is a time to reflect, and I have obviously been reflecting on my diving and photography. 2011 has been a good season for me, with a number of good trips in great company. I have put a few more pins in my “diving map“, as well as visiting some old favourites. What will 2012 bring? More UK shore diving certainly. At least one overseas trip, I hope…


Remote strobes


Following our dip in Hodge Close with Worcester Divers, Trevor and I had used a dip in Capernwray to practice with remote strobe illumination. Trevor was using a wireless trigger and I had decided to have another go with my fibre optic cable. In the past, although the cable had been clumsy and quite time consuming to set up, it had at least been reliable. This time, I struggled not only to set up the remote strobes, but the triggering also seemed hit and miss too. Maybe it’s time to upgrade my home-made fibre-optic connections; the trouble is, the commercial products dont look any less Heath Robinson than my own efforts….


Hodge Close Quarry


This image was taken by my buddy Trevor Rees, during a Worcester BSAC trip to Hodge Close Quarry in lakeland. An interesting dive- having bumped down a farm track, we had to carry our gear through a 200m tunnel with only about 5′ 4″ headroom (I managed not to knock myself out). This was followed by lowering the gear down a 3m cliff. The highlight of the day was a stroll down another short tunnel, which ends in a ledge. Sitting, fully-kitted on the edge, there was a “leap of faith” required to fling myself into the darkness, to land in a smallish, eerie pool. I had forgotten my hood, so this was a shore dive, under a sump to emerge in the large cave shown in Trevor’s picture.