About Me

Charles Erb: Biography

I am a scuba diver, freelance journalist and award-winning photographer based in the midlands of England with a passion for UK underwater photography. My work has regularly appeared in the diving and sailing press. I have been taking photographs since I was 10 and, as soon as I learned to dive (over 30 years ago!) I wanted to take a camera underwater. However, it was some time before budget caught up with aspiration and I have been taking photos underwater for about 20 years, at first with a 35mm film SLR, then with a variety of digital cameras.

I count myself lucky to have shot in the pre-digital age, because the discipline of 36 frames at a single ISO taught me a great deal about how to capture the right image. My favourite dive locations are along the UK’s South West coast, Western Scotland, West Wales and the North East coast. This blog exists to showcase some of my favourite images and communicate some of the passion behind their creation.

A member of Worcester branch of BSAC and the Bristol Underwater Photography Group, I regularly give talks to camera and dive clubs and act as photo competition judge. I am a member of Worcester Divers, British Society of Underwater Photographers, the Bristol Underwater Photography Group and sometime member of East Midlands Underwater Photography Group, as well as a regular contributor to Scuba and Dive magazines. My regular dive buddies are Trevor Rees and Rob Bailey.

I believe as divers and photographers we have a duty to promote and protect the beauty and fragility of the marine environment (especially around our own UK shores) to as many people as possible.

I regularly give talks to camera groups, dive clubs and other interested parties (including the Royal Photographic Society nature photography group) about UK scuba diving, the challenges and excitement of underwater photography and dispelling the myth that there is little of beauty or interest to see beneath the waters around UK shores. Please use the contact form below if you would like me to give a talk to your camera or dive club.



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