Loch Creran narrows

Exploring sea lochs, I tend not to dive in places with strong tidal streams, because currents and photography do not usually go well together. However, the part of Loch Creran we chose today was definitely scoured by current. We managed to avoid strong currents by diving at high water (though even at slack the water was eddying around) and boy was this site a find. The sea bed was so clean and the site abounded with species quite different to those seen just a few hundred metres away in parts of the loch not affected by currents.

A good example is this rather fine Flabellina pellucida (not to be confused with Coryphylla browni), which was present in large numbers and huge in size too(4-5cm). This image was captured using a Nikon D200 and 105mm macro lens, fitted with a 4T dioptre.



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