dives, techniques

Wrecked lighting

The chance to dive two wrecks in clear warm water made me think of trying remote strobes again. During my Malta trip, we made a series of dives at Cirkewwa Point, which has two excellent wrecks- a military patrol boat, the P29, and a tug boat, Rozi. I had this technique in mind before the trip and had brought with me a spare arm, slave sensor and a small lead block. This allows me to position a strobe out of view of the camera, triggered via the slave sensor by the on-camera flash. The idea is to light up a subject which is difficult to light directly by on-camera strobes (eg further away from the camera) and minimising the backscatter which is usually caused by strong lighting. The technique requires some discipline as, in addition to carting extra gear on the dive, it takes time to set up. I always feel that time is limited enough on a dive, particularly at the 30m depth of the two wrecks at Cirkewwa, but I’d rather a single excellent shot from a dive than a card full of mediocre images. Here are two images, from two separate dives- the first is on the frigate wreck, P29 and the second is the bridge of the tug boat Rozi. You can be the judge of whether I succeeded.

Thanks must go to my patient model, Trevor Rees.




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