Scotland Road Trip Day 5

Sometimes, on a photo dive, everything comes together- subject, lighting, technique. Today was just such a day. On a third dive on the same site, several images worked out, which I knew hadn’t quite cut it on the previous dive “just worked” on the second try.

Having found a good pitch on the loch shore, we decided to stay put for the day. It’s certainly true when they say “if you don’t like the weather in Scotland, then wait 10 minutes”; it’s mostly overcast, but occasionally the Sun breaks through or a squall passes over.

The loch water is pretty clear, due in part to the movement of water and abundant coarse white sand. The dives today were a repeat of yesterday, and I followed the cliff wall to its bottom at 30m, though I did not stay long. Even in the weaker light today, the wall looked pretty impressive, encrusted with brittle stars, anemones and other filter feeders. The highlight of the dive though, we’re the enormous red Sea Hares (Aplysia punctata). These giant sea slugs are over 15cm long and take their colour from the kelp they eat. It’s breeding season and many of these hermaphrodites could be seen hard at it…




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