Scotland Road Trip Day 4

I rose before the Sun (even at 4am it is pretty light already) to photograph the sunrise, but it was cloudy, so I went back to bed. We filled our cylinders first thing, up on the main road, where it was unlikely to cause disturbance.

Today we were looking forward to diving the most Northerly Sea Loch, Eriboll and it was with anticipation we made our way to the first shore entry we had identified, Portnancon. Here a track runs down to a tiny harbour, complete with stone jetty. However, the diving did not live up to the picturesque surroundings, being shallow and very silty.

I deterred, we made a leisurely way around the loch, in glorious sunshine, to the little peninsula known as Ard Neakie. After chatting to a local man gathering cockles on the shore for sale in Scrabster, we parked on the beach. The charts indicated a good drop-off on the Northern end of the almost-an-island.

Indeed, this is what we found and after a long surface swim, we dropped into sand in 15m among a huge shoal of small pollack. Following the sandy slope down, we soon found a cliff wall.

The bed was very silty, but the Vis was good as long as we stayed away from the bottom. The wall is encrusted with brittle stars, tunicates, crabs, squat lobsters and huge Sea Loch Anemones.

We ate a well-earned steak dinner on the shore and hatched a plan to dive the same site again tomorrow.




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