Scotland Road Trip Day 3

Monday morning began sunny and we made an early start to explore the shore diving possibilities of Kylesku.

We could see the impressive road bridge below us from our camping spot and, sure enough there was what looked like a good spot to get in the water (though involving a bit of a walk down from the car park), but unfortunately the current was tanking through the narrows at that time.

We identified two other spots: one from the slipway in Kylesku village and the other over the rocky shore to the North of the bridge.

The latter was selected for our dive, but it wasn’t a great choice being full of clinging algae and with very fine silt. Still, there were many lovely crinoids and some very large burrowing anemones to see. However, after the clamber back up the rocks following the dive, a repeat wax not on the cards.

By the time we had blown the tanks, it was too late for a dive at the narrows, so we decided to move North. Gordon Rudley’s book “Dive North West Scotland” is quite dated now (written in the 1980s), but we took his advice to find our way to Droman Pier, which is beyond Kinlochbervie and is outside the mouth of Loch Inchard, so counts as a dive in the Atlantic Ocean!

This proved a worthy detour, with terrific visibility over beautiful white sand and huge kelp sturdily gripping the granite rocks. We saw some Cross Jellyfish (not seen in the South, but otherwise similar to moon jellyfish) and an incredibly docile sleepy dogfish.

The evening saw us past Durness and parked up overlooking the most Northerly sea loch- Loch Eriboll.




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