Scotland Road Trip Day 1

The long awaited trip has begun! The Idea for the trip began more than a year ago, between Trev and I on one of our many “dashes” North of the border. “Wouldn’t it be great to get to the top of the map?”. Well, Friday saw us depart on what has become known as “the long hack North”.

Our objective is to dive the most Northerly mainland sea loch , Loch Eriboll, which is on the North coast of Scotland, not far from Cape Wrath (an evocative name, apparently from Norse for “turning point”).

This is a long way from our homes in the midlands of England, so we have decided to take in some fresh water sites we already know, on our way to the top of the map.

Thus, the trusty camper van got us to a convenient parking place near to Birk’s Bridge in the Lake District at 1am in the early hours of Saturday morning.

This site is where a river spanned by the eponymous bridge is cut deep into the limestone with many smooth scalloped hollows carved into the stone. The site is one we have visited in Winter with the river in full flow, and this June morning was in stark contrast with bright sun, fresh green leaves and very modest flow.

The water was crystal clear and there were many small trout to be seen, as well as a large eel. After an hour or so in the water, Trev and I retreated, as the place is very popular with swimmers, many jumping 10 feet into the water to great hoots of appreciation from spectators.

We had plenty of distance to cover in any case and by 9pm, we were ensconsed in Glen Etive, some 250 miles along our great road North.




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