Swanage Pier

The town of Swanage is blessed with a marvellous Victorian pier, which has been lovingly restored and, 100 years after its construction, remains a tourist attraction. Nowadays, the visitors are mostly interested in aquatic pursuits- fishing, kayaking and of course diving.

Parked on Swanage Pier
Parking on the pier gives easy access to the water and to a dive shop for an air fill afterwards

Swanage Pier is a classic South Coast dive. The superstructure of the pier provides lots of places for life to hide and so is crammed with small creatures. Swanage faces East (the pier points almost North-East) and so is very sheltered; however, this position also means that it tends to be quite silty, so to photograph any of these critters takes quite a bit of care. Still, the water’s shallow, so there’s plenty of time…..

Flabellina lineata
A nudibranch (Flabellina lineata) under Swanage pier (Nikon D200, 60mm Nikkor, single Sea & Sea YS-110)

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