The majority of my diving is shore diving and the beauty of this is that, without need to book a boat, the choice of destination for a trip can be left until the last minute. Given the opportunity for a 3-day road trip in early April, my buddy and I narrowed the choice of site to two destinations- North or South. We are always attracted to Scotlands reliable loch shore diving, but really wanted to go somewhere different. Cornwall looked a more favourable choice, but the forecast was not encouraging for either.

In the end, we chose Cornwall and to park up on the beach at Porthkerris. I dont know if we made the right choice, but the conditions were not great- the “May bloom” had kicked in even earlier than usual, reducing the vis to just a couple of metres.

The reef called Drawna Rocks is a lovely location but the combination of very early in the season and poor visibility reduced the photo opportunities rather dramatically. Here is a a shot of one of the rather impressive snakelocks anemones.Image

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